GETTING A “RED CARD” is the harshest penalty in soccer. Looking like one is even harsher. So, here’s the burning truth about sunburns: everyday outdoor activities can put you at serious risk for skin cancer. Explore the site, get the facts and learn how to protect yourself from harmful UV rays, once and for all. Be sure to take a look at these sensitive skin care tips.

Here’s The Kicker When It Comes To Skin

Did you know you can damage your skin playing soccer on even the cloudiest days? Even if it’s not hot outside, 50 to 80 percent of UV rays still burn right through the clouds. Apply sunscreen and reapply every two hours.


HEY ALL-STAR, you can’t go one-on-one with the sun if you don’t cover up. That goes for any outdoor sport (beach volleyball, tennis, etc.) You want to apply an ounce of sunscreen, roughly the size of a golf ball, to all exposed areas and reapply immediately after breaking a sweat. If you don’t, you’re going to look like a hickory-smoked ham in high tops.

Did you know you may be 15 times likelier (or more) to get a sunburn playing basketball at noon than later in the afternoon. Too much exposure and you could foul out, permanently.

WHEN YOU’RE ON A HIKE, nothing bites more than a sunburn. Except for maybe the pit vipers, black bears, and raccoons that’ll be after you because you look like a walking rib roast. So make sure to hit your arms, legs, face, and neck with sunscreen BEFORE your hike, and wear a wide-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses while you’re out there. Happy trails, mountain man. If you do experience any sunburn take some aftersun lotion to soothe sensitive skin.

Blazing Facts
Did you know the higher you climb, the higher the risk for skin damage? UV intensity can increase 5% for every 1,000 feet above sea level. There’s just less atmosphere to absorb the sun’s UV rays.


CAST AWAY, SKIPPER! But, if that tackle box isn’t packing sunscreen along with all those baits and lures, you’ll get broiled out there. Might as well serve you up with tartar sauce and a sprig of parsley. The truth is, the rays are extremely intense when reflected off the water, so it’s best to apply sunscreen with an SPF 30 or more, every two hours.

Reflect on this
Did you know that water can reflect up to 80% of the sun’s rays? That means you’re more likely to get burned out at sea, than on land.

IF YOU’RE GOING to be mowing the lawn, you’d better ditch the tank top, lawn wrangler. Wearing dark or bright colors, long sleeves and tightly woven clothing provides the best protection from harmful UV rays. Don’t forget to completely cover yourself in sunscreen too. Now that’s how you stay safe and stylish on a garden tractor.

Mow this over
Did you know you can get a sunburn (when UV is highest) in as little as 10 to 15 minutes? That could be the time it takes to mow your lawn. Imagine how burned you’d get in an hour? Could get ugly.

DON’T GET “THE PUTTZ” BURN or you’ll end up looking like one. That paisley hat you picked up in the gift shop will keep your head from igniting, but the back of the neck is as open as the fairway, even with a collared shirt. Avoid teeing off between 10am and 4pm, when the sun is most intense, and hit the fairway at sunrise or late afternoon. Golf clap to those who follow through.

Follow through
Did you know sunscreen should be applied every 2 hours? If you’re playing 18 holes, remember to apply sun cream before you tee off and re-apply at the 9th hole.