Day: March 16, 2024

The Rebel Shop – Deo Vindice FlagThe Rebel Shop – Deo Vindice Flag

The Rebel Shop – Deo Vindice Flag

A spirited deo vindice flag of bikers and drivers recently showed their love for the Confederate national motto, “Deo Vindice” (“Under God Our Vindicator”), by riding through Limestone County with the slogan displayed on their shirts and patches. The Sons of Confederate Veterans Mechanized Cavalry ride was held as a fundraiser to collect nonperishable food items for those in need in the area.

Deo Vindice Flag: Meaning and Legacy of a Southern Symbol

What these riders fail to realize is that if the Confederate flag had won, slavery and racism would have continued until today. Their adherence to the deo vindice motto is nothing more than a twisted justification for the evil of their ancestors.

How to Turn a Covered Walkway Garden Into a FeatureHow to Turn a Covered Walkway Garden Into a Feature

A covered walkway garden gives you the freedom to wander the yard without worrying about wet ground or muddy shoes. It also allows you to stroll from one area of the garden to another without getting your flora trampled. A good-quality covered walkway can also be a feature in its own right, especially if you use glass or polycarbonate panels.

The style of the pathway can set the tone for the surrounding planting. Rugged stone is a natural choice for paths in a wild, rustic setting, while pavers offer a more formal look that can blend in with a carefully designed landscape. For a more casual look, mix different materials or let moss or grass grow between stones.

Transforming Outdoor Spaces: Design Ideas for Covered Walkways

Even a simple gravel path looks lovely in a cottage garden, where it helps highlight the beauty of low-growing flowers and groundcovers. To make your pathway more interesting, choose decorative gravel or use reclaimed bricks to give it a one-of-a-kind character. Using a curved pathway creates more interest and makes the garden seem larger.

Planting is the best way to add color and texture to a hard-surfaced garden path. Use planting pockets to showcase a selection of trailing or scented shrubs, flowers, and herbs that will release their fragrance as you walk past them. Alternatively, try growing grass varieties that will provide movement and color when blown by the wind. If your pathway is paved with stones or brick, you can soften it by placing planting pockets every so often.